As a Top Producing Real Estate Advisor, Martha spent a decade working on award-winning real estate teams, where she  collaborated with some of Nashville’s most prominent developers. Martha played a large part in forming one of  Nashville’s most famous metropolitan areas, as her company helped to pioneer the now-iconic Gulch by building the  area’s first residential high-rise development. Through these experiences, Martha forged valuable relationships she still  utilizes today. Specializing in selling new developments, Martha works with her connections to ensure quality at all stages,  staying involved in every step of the construction process. She also serves as a key member of Compass Development’s  first sales team in Nashville. 

In addition to developments, Martha’s other area of expertise is assisting families moving to Nashville’s urban core and  its surrounding areas. Setting out to redefine Nashville’s city living, Martha is passionate about helping families realize the  benefits of living in the heart of the action—from the walkability and culture, to the excellent school systems and award winning greenways. It’s easy to fall in to love with Nashville, but it’s her comprehensive knowledge of each neighborhood  that allows Martha to confidently find her clients the right house. 

Prioritizing authentic and empathetic connections above all else, she thrives on learning what ignited passion in her  clients and helps to bring them to life in a home. Clients appreciate this honesty, loyalty, and understanding, as well as  her contagious energy. Martha treats her clients like family, so it’s no surprise that she has garnered a strong referral  business. Beyond word-of-mouth, Martha has the numbers to prove her premier status. She is consistently ranked in the  top 10% of Nashville realtors for the past three years, and most recently, Martha earned the GUILD™ recognition and  Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™ designation from The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.