Brian Wood is a distinguished Sarasota Realtor renowned for his unparalleled expertise in pre-construction and bespoke luxury residences and condominiums across Sarasota, Bradenton, Siesta Key, Lido Key, and Longboat Key. As the esteemed exclusive agent representing The Forest at Hi Hat Ranch, which reached full capacity in 2020, Brian has set the standard for luxury real estate representation.

With an illustrious career spanning nearly two decades, Brian seamlessly blends his profound market acumen with a compassionate approach, serving as a steadfast pillar of support for his discerning clientele. Beyond the transaction, he offers tailored solutions and unwavering assistance, ensuring a seamless experience for every client. Leveraging the cutting-edge Compass technology and services, encompassing advanced data & analytics software, an all-encompassing CRM platform, and the exclusive Compass Concierge, Brian orchestrates a superlative home buying and selling journey.

Hailing from the prestigious enclave of Boca Raton and having made Sarasota his cherished home since 1986, Brian epitomizes the epitome of a family-oriented gentleman. As the youngest of five siblings and a devoted husband and father of two, alongside his cherished dog companion Milo, Brian’s commitment to family echoes in every facet of his life. During his leisure moments, he indulges in the quintessence of the Floridian lifestyle, relishing time on the water through boating and fishing expeditions, all while showcasing his culinary prowess in creating delectable feasts for his cherished friends and family. Brian’s passion for outdoor living is beautifully captured in his captivating cooking videos, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the opulence of the Florida lifestyle.