As a distinguished Sarasota resident since 1990, Andrew seamlessly integrates his extensive community network into his thriving real estate business, underpinned by an unwavering work ethic and a resolute, goal-oriented approach. Since 2005, Andrew has been an influential figure in Sarasota’s luxury real estate market, and his status is further elevated by his role as the host of the esteemed local TV series “Suncoast for Sale” on ABC7, a testament to his prominence in the industry. 

Beyond his real estate endeavors, Andrew imparts his expertise to business professionals and real estate teams across the nation, delivering impactful programs and leadership training. His deep involvement in community leadership roles reflects his commitment to elevating the standard of service, a value that permeates every aspect of his professional and personal life. Embracing a lifestyle of luxury and leisure, Andrew finds solace in family time, boating, fishing, and the art of karate. Notably, his business ventures in Costa Rica underscore his dedication to providing opulent yet affordable housing for the country’s underprivileged population, solidifying his reputation as a philanthropic leader. 

Andrew’s unwavering dedication consistently surpasses client expectations, setting an unparalleled service standard in the community. A lifelong learner with a profound passion for coaching and empowering individuals to achieve their professional and personal zenith, Andrew transcends the role of a mere Realtor, emerging as a trusted confidant, devoted husband, and nurturing father.